Created for Impact



Founded in 1994, we have more than two decades of experience in the industry.

Core Expertise

hfp specialises in impact-oriented management and consulting for large organisations and local authorities.


As a pioneer in Germany, hfp has done groundbreaking work in impact-oriented management that has set new standards in public administration.


With the hfp Impact Manager, hfp has created a reference system that enables the control of complex systems in a dynamic environment.

Our philosophy

We put people at the centre of everything we do, with a strong focus on excellence, customer orientation and practical solutions that promote an inclusive and innovative working environment.


Our purpose

Our drive stems from the deep conviction that impact-orientated management systems are essential in order to meet the complex challenges of our society and enable positive change.It fills us with pride to be able to support our customers with innovative solutions to realise their goals not only effectively, but also with maximum efficiency.



Our journey

Our company history began in 1993 when our founders, Dr Thomas Hauser and Hans Kristian Furch, were commissioned by the Berlin Senate Departments of the Interior and Finance to provide an expert opinion. With a clear vision, they began to work intensively on the concept of impact-oriented management in 1994, which was to make us pioneers in this field in Germany. Our development progressed and culminated in 1998 in the founding of hfp Informationssysteme GmbH and the launch of the revolutionary software development project hfp Impact Manager (called ePBN until 2024) for the digital mapping of impact-oriented management. In 1999, we were commissioned to develop the cross-sectional controlling system for Berlin, which was based on three years of conceptual groundwork. In the years that followed, we were able to test the methodology of impact-oriented management in a wide variety of projects and organisational areas. Since then, we have been implementing our solutions in organisations with complex management requirements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Private sector expertise

Since 2009, with the increasing importance of non-financial objectives in companies, e.g. in the areas of compliance and sustainability, we have increasingly applied our expertise in the private sector. For example, we have supported MAN, DEMAG Cranes, VEKA and Signal Iduna, to name a few selected clients, in setting up compliance management systems. Most recently, we implemented the group-wide collection, verification and processing of data for the EU taxonomy for Siemens AG using our proprietary software solution.




Public sector expertise

Since 1994, we have played a key role in shaping how local authorities manage and optimise their political and administrative tasks through clearly defined, measurable objectives. Our expertise paves the way for more efficient, targeted solutions in a constantly changing administrative world.


Making a big difference!

Join a dynamic team that masters challenges together and achieves the extraordinary. At hfp, you can expect challenging projects and important tasks that make a real difference in the world. Every voice is valued here, and every single person is an indispensable part of our success.